The most attractive area in Finland

Arena 3.3 will be built in one of the most attractive residential and business areas in the whole of Finland. The Helsinki metropolitan area is developing heavily, and Vantaa city is the most rapidly growing city in the country. The local Kivistö area is expected to grow into a residential district of 40,000 inhabitants during the next coming years. The Aviapolis business center area already hosts 2,000 companies and the Vehkala industrial area next to Kivistö will be a base for 10,000 jobs in the near future. 

inhabitants within an hour drive

inhabitants in Kivistö area in 2030

employees in the Aviapolis region

new jobs in Vehkala

Million passengers in 2030 in Helsinki airport

% increase in congress visitors

Events, sports, meetings

Arena 3.3 is a venue for concerts, exhibitions, corporate events, conferences and meetings. It facilitates events from a few participants up to mass events of 25,000 spectators. 

The Arena hotel will include 21 VIP boxes, where visitors are able to follow the events in luxurious conditions.