Arena 3.3

The biggest event arena in Finland in the most attractive region


Arena 3.3 will be the heart of year-round events in Finland. It will be built in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the city of Vantaa and the district of Kivistö. It will be the biggest multipurpose event venue in Finland and the third biggest in the Nordics. 

Arena 3.3 enables unprecedented international concerts, sports events and other events throughout the year.

Arena 3.3 enjoys an excellent location next to Kivistö railway station, near the Helsinki airport and in the main transport hub at the crossroads of Ring III road and E12 motorway. The capacity of the arena is over 21,000 in concerts and 17,000 in sports events.

Arena 3.3. will also include a 310 room congress hotel and comprehensive food and beverage services.


capacity in sport events

hotel rooms

capacity in concerts

The biggest year-round multipurpose event arena in Finland

Arena 3.3 is the biggest multipurpose indoor event arena in Finland and third biggest in the Nordics. Its location and capacity enable bigger events than ever before and facilitate top international performers and artists all year round. 


Finland’s biggest event arena – unprecedented top artists and other events


Finland’s biggest multipurpose indoor arena – sports throughout the year


Top level 310 hotel and a congress center

Food &

Variety-Filled Restaurant World – open every day


The most environmentally friendly event venue in Finland


Arena 3.3 is located in one Finland’s most important traffic hubs in the crossroads of the Ring III and the E12 motorway. The ring rail line brings spectators to concerts, matches and other events in minutes from all around the metropolitan area. Travel time from the Helsinki main railway station is 24 minutes, from the Helsinki airport 6 minutes and from Finland’s second most important railway hub Tikkurila 16 minutes. The Kivistö train station is just a stone’s throw from Arena.


Economical and social benefits

The construction period of Arena 3.3 will generate jobs worth of 3,800 man years. When in full operation, Arena 3.3 will provide jos for dozens of companies and hundreds of employees.

There will be a parking hall for 1000 cars, which will meet the local and commuter parking needs.

Arena 3.3 will be the new center for all types of events, sports, music, exhibitions, conferences and happenings internationally and for the local community.



Stage 1

Planning permission granted by the city of Vantaa.

Detailed planning under way. 

2020 – 2023


Stage 2

Finalisation of the city plan process.

Application for the building permit.

Specified space designs.

2023 –

Stage 3

Construction process planning and preparations.


Stage 4

Construction start.

2024 – 2026

Stage 5

Opening of Arena 3.3 and the hotel.